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"Deep Blue Sea will float your troubles away with their great new sounds no lifejacket required!"

Gary Grainger, The Blues Show on Bishop fm105.9



 " The new songs are outstandingly good. Instrumentation is balanced and beautifully played with a voice and delivery to die for. Will this band will eclipse what has gone before?

One comment: Given this start, No problemo!"

Ian McKenzie, Blues in the South



Band Launch Gig - 100 Club - 30 May 2017 

"The powerhouse vocal delivery was perfect.

Iago’s solo playing showed that he’s not just a rocker, he has a genuine feel for the blues.  

Give Deep Blue Sea a chance to let loose, it's duly grasped.  

The verdict: Deep Blue Sea: waving, not drowning." 

Allan McKay, Music Riot 



Great British R&B Festival

"I was privileged to see you at the festival. An amazing performance. I bought the cd's and love them all. It would be great to see more of you up north. Many thanks for a night to remember. The lead singer sang like an angel. I cant get her voice out of my head.

You were all on top of your game. More please! "

Dave Sergeant, Colne, August 2017



The Hope Tavern, Market Rasen, Sunday 8 October 2017

"Great crowd to see Deep Blue Sea featuring my favourite guitarist, Iago Banet, been following this guy for a long time.  Once you see him play you will know why.  Brilliant music cracking afternoon and what an amazing band!" 

Vince Collins

Photographer - Laurence Harvey