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The album will be for sale at all our gigs for £5.00. It's available on itunes and all download sites now.

You can order the album on our site here. The lyrics and clips of all the songs are on the song pages.

Thanks for supporting Deep Blue Sea - hope to sea you soon.

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                  Iago    Amanda   Dre       Graeme

Live It Up - Blues In Britain Review


"The aural musical space is filled to the brim and a very fine job they all do"


"The band has evolved into this, I would say, the best line up so far"


"Funky, invisible reggae, rockabilly, guitar driven fretboard dexterity, pain and grief and Rock and Roll!"


"If you know your Deep Blue Sea, you'll love this. Blues tinged rock without any flotsam and jetsam, once again, the SEA giving up its riches"


Trev Turley, Aug 2018