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So, a few years ago, I was in an art gallery and I saw this beautiful painting. It jumped out at me and I loved it. I also couldn't afford it, but, there were some free postcards available - so I picked one up. Turned it over and saw the title of the painting. "All I Wanted Was Rock Star Status" I knew immediately I had a song to write. The lyrics took shape over a period of time - but I couldn't find the right music - until Iago one day came up with this riff and we had the whole thing done in a matter of minutes - it just fell togther. After we recorded the song, it was suggested we contact the artist - and so - i did - and I am really thrilled to say Kate is coming to our gig in November at 100 Club.


Here's the weird thing tho. Kate's most recent installation is called KFC and depicts caged birds unable to fly.


Rock Star Status is the first track on the album. The last track is called Wounded. It was inspired by a poem by Maya Angelou. "I know why the caged bird sings..."


Kate paints under the name Kipling Hunt and I hope to soon post website details here.