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Deep Blue Sea - new shoots from old roots


Live It Up Cover

New Album - Live It Up - Available Now

"If you know your Deep Blue Sea, you'll love this. Blues tinged rock without any flotsam and jetsam, once again, the SEA giving up its riches"

Trev Turley, Aug 2018

The Band

Dre Smith on vocals

From Los Angeles, Dregas on vocals

Iago Banet on guitar

From Galicia, Iago on lead guitar

Amanda Dal on drums

From Stockholm, Amanda on drums

Graeme Wheatley on bass

From London, Graeme on bass

New shoots from old roots.

Their music is seldom predictable or generic,

it reflects our times - good, bad, high & low.

The sound of shadows & silhouettes on broken walls,

hearts & promises.

Stories from where we live & who we are.

Hopes & dreams; fears & nightmares; love & loss.

Above all, it's what all good music is about - communication.

Music is the message.

We're all in the same boat. It's rocking.

Upcoming Gig

Date City Venue
21/10/18 Nottingham Head of Steam
Time: 8:00pm.
27/11/18 London, United Kingdom 100 Club
Time: 7:30pm. Admission: 12.00. Age restrictions: No Minors. Box office: 07956558699. Address: 100 Oxford Street. Buy Tickets