Birth of the Blues Pt 2

I’m lying alive in the dead of the night

Listening to sirens with blue flashing lights

Bullets bark - another hit and run

Always someone at the wrong end of a gun


Nothing I can do, I’m watching the birth of the blues


City’s alive but for someone it’s just stopped

Out there in the night, a body just dropped

The price of life is cheaper than crime

Always someone in the wrong place and time


Nothing I can do, I’m watching the birth of the blues


Money talks – sets the odds

Dance with the Devil or walk with Gods

Heads they win, tails you lose

It’s the birth of the blues


Tyres squeal, sirens wail

From every church to every jail

Straight off the streets and onto the News

It’s the birth of the blues


Graeme wrote:

This lyric is pretty much a diary entry. Lying in bed in South East London unable to sleep, listening to the constant sirens and imagining the blue flashing lights - and what they were heading for - just at that moment it sounded like all hell was breaking loose - were those flashing lights signalling a return to darker times?

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