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Recorded live at Harpenden Rock and Blues Festival "Live It Up"

Tracks From Live It Up

Rock Star Status

Graeme wrote: I was in an art gallery, and a painting caught my eye. I stood looking for some time. Couldn’t afford it sadly, but I noticed some postcards of the painting for visitors to take – so I took a couple. I just felt drawn to it. Turned the card over to see who…

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All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays (Deep Blue Sea) Welcome to the great escape No one’s gonna stop this big break There’s a raging battle Every single night Someone’s give me half a chance we gonna set this place alight So long to my sad old days Don’t look back to those old ways There’s a storm inside…

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Graeme wrote: Writing this lyric, i wanted to get the idea of someone who was feeling nervous, panicked, scared and frail. So some of the words don’t fit, some sentences don’t make sense, some bits are missing. i couldn’t have written this if i didn’t know the person came out the other end and is…

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Black Diamond

(Grange/Wheatley) Look down those streets, at the black dirty stone A hard place to live, but still they called it home Look at all the faces, hard like wind and rain That blows around the dirty streets and blows around again And at the end of a dirty working day – you pick up your…

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Then U Smile

You were bored and alone So you picked up the phone To see if you could hurt me some more If you were a knife – You’d take my life And leave me lying dying on the floor   But words are your tool – So vicious and cruel You wound when you open your mouth Your…

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Hole In Your Soul

Hole in your Soul (Deep Blue Sea) It’s only when u get here u know this place exists When u take the wrong turn round every bend and twist. When u finally hit the bottom u got one more thing to learn no going back, this is the point of no return When love has…

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Soho By Night

The Rose of Piccadilly shoots wide of the mark Past working girls in Shepherd’s Market to the bushes in Hyde Park Where crafty Cockney bouncers bristle as they leer At lippy legless tourists drunk on empty heads and beer Old Compton Cavaliers cruise in and out of parking meters With a “come-on” to Spanish waiters…

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The Thrill Of It All

The little girl doesn’t know If she’s alive anymore No sense of fun – nowhere to run   Once there was a time Happiness was no crime Now she’s in a cage – No passion or rage   As the light starts to fall   She’s walking on the edge Of everything unsaid It hurts…

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Birth of the Blues Pt 2

I’m lying alive in the dead of the night Listening to sirens with blue flashing lights Bullets bark – another hit and run Always someone at the wrong end of a gun   Nothing I can do, I’m watching the birth of the blues   City’s alive but for someone it’s just stopped Out there…

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Darkness screams in the grave of dreams where you’re standing still Lost and alone in your own home as the walls close in Deep in the dark you can’t see the bars or who you are The sin gets under your skin – the scratch becomes the scar   Open your heart let in a…

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Deep Blue Sea on stage at The Harbour Room