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Deep Blue Sea "A new wave of retro passion and energy"

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A London band - but London's a big city...

From the wild west west London.. the London Borough of Los Angeles, an astonishing vocalist - Dregas

From the frozen north north London.. the London borough of Stockholm, a funky master of rhythm and groove - tougher than an IKEA manual - Amanda on drums

From sunny south south London.. the London borough of Santiago De Compostella, a master of so many guitar styles he leaves audiences dumbstruck, the amazing Iago on guitar

And from inner inner London.. the Royal London Borough of Hartlepool, Graeme on bass - he played bass with Tenpole Tudor and is an established songwriter


Some highlights from the last 18 months...

Deep Blue Sea signed a 3 album deal with All About Blues Music Ltd for an internet-based 3 part graphic novel "Blues In Buckle" - Deep Blue Sea is providing the soundtrack for the novels.

Deep Blue Sea streamed live in Soho on Facebook - hitting 75,000 views.

Recorded their debut live album "Live It Up" at Harpenden R&B Festival in May 2018. The album reached the top 10 in the IBBA radio playlists for July and August 2018.

Signed to Razor Edge Records in 2019 and recorded their first studio album "Strange Ways" released on 24 September 2019.


Album reviews

Strange Ways - touches on everything great about roots music and is driven by old-school songwriting talent and playing skills. Truly a thing of beauty. Rock and Blues Muse  (full review)

Strange Ways - Swagger and confidence ooze throughout the entire album. What you have is a melting pot of the history of American music - rock, blues, folk and pure R&B - joyous. Blues Matters (full review)

Strange Ways - A showcase of powerhouse blues that will leave you breathless. A very ecstatic and stunning release. The Blues Music Blog (full review)

Strange Ways - This is a stunner, their best work to date.  A very generous 14 track album including Rock Star Status, which has its place already as an arena opener,  The Well, which has a ZZ Top feel to it and the excellent Dance Of the Dead. All in all a funky mix of old rock and roll and rockabilly with a dash of blues and soul. Outstanding. Ian K McKenzie, Blues In The South

Live It Up - Deep Blue Sea refreshingly focus on songs with meaningful narratives and Live It Up glows with traces of rock, retro 60s blues, funk and Americana. Pete Feenstra, Get Ready to Rock Radio

Live It Up - Funky, invisible reggae, rockabilly, fretboard dexterity, pain and grief and Rock and Roll - you'll love this blues-tinged rock. Trevor Turley, Blues in Britain


Gig reviews

Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury Maybe it's the diversity of their backgrounds but the combined musical ability, passion and energy they put into every song results in a performance that leaves you craving more. Don Newling

Harpenden R&B Festival - Deep Blue Sea's songs take you on journeys - be it places or states of mind - alienation and loss; love and joy. That's pretty dammed impressive for a 4 piece combo. Blues Matters review

Woodlands Music Club - A breathtaking performance featuring a soulful harmonic voice and driving guitar - we knew this was something special from the first song to the sudden rush to buy CDs at the end. Andy Davies, promoter

The Beaverwood Club - Deep Blue Sea is a prime example of "Live Music Loving" musicians. A MUST SEE BAND!" Bruce Ackroyd

The Boom Boom Club - Deep Blue Sea justify their reputation as a great live band. Dre has an excellent voice which couples with Iago’s showmanship on guitar and a watertight rhythm section with some great bass lines courtesy of Graeme.  A fine glam rock stomp and wild 60s retro blues! Looking forward to the Chelsea Blues Festival next monthCraig Chaligne, Louder Than War Magazine

The exuberant presence of vocalist Dregas lights up the room. 3rd Boom Boom R&B Festival

Fantastic, exhilarating Deep Blue Sea! Next level band - Brilliant high-quality music. Vivid Attractions Bookings

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