The Band

Iago Banet

The band’s highly skilled guitarist Iago’s approach on the instrument alternates between the gleefully sloppy strokes known to any fan of the blues and the more polished, expansive craftsmanship of rock guitar’s most disciplined stylists. Full of surprises but always predictably explosive, Iago is the guitar player the blues needs now. A breath of fresh air who combines the best of the genre’s past with an eye toward the future.

He describes the band as “A group of musicians who love what they do. Music brought us together and we became more like a musical family. We are friends who love writing and playing music.”

Citing Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington as musical artists he’s learned from, Iago’s reply when asked about his practice routine may surprise anyone understandably dazzled by his skills: “I don’t do practice exercises as I find it boring and music has to be always exciting.”

The rejection of a conventional approach to music seems to extend to the band as a whole. Iago claims to have never heard ‘no’ to any musical idea, no matter how weird or what style.” The embrace of spontaneity and open-mindedness is apparent in every note of Deep Blue Sea’s music.

Deep Blue Sea - Iago


As the band’s sole American, lead vocalist Dregas brings a unique set of influences and experiences to Deep Blue Sea. She also brings a background of early exploration so common among the most gifted musicians.

Beginning her classical piano training at the age of four, Dregas lists influences as far ranging as Ludvig Van Beethoven and Bad Religion.

She threatens a return to the classical piano someday, but one could forgive her for allowing her current promise of rock music success to distract her.

Her breathtaking vocals are most vividly featured on the songs Rock Star Status and The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Deep Blue Sea - Dregas


As with any solid bass player, the contribution of Graeme to Deep Blue Sea’s sonic attack is both understated and vital. His steady bass figures serve as the glue to a band of wildly disparate elements and his songwriting.

Most impressively, Graeme isn’t shy when expressing the band’s ambitions. He lists ‘touring bigger and better venues’ as a goal for Deep Blue Sea and adds “We believe we have something worth saying — musically and lyrically, things that can connect to many people — and we can engage with more people — have fun with them and give something.’

Deep Blue Sea - Graham

Amanda Dal

It is something of a cliche to refer to a strong drummer as the band’s anchor. But in Amanda’s case, ‘anchor’ is too stationary, too sedentary a metaphor to describe the role she plays in Deep Blue Sea’s sound.

A better metaphor for Amanda’s approach on her instrument is as Deep Blue Sea’s engine. She propels the band forward, sometimes with reliably steady thumps and other times with choppy, dance-inspiring stabs. But in the end, she’s always pushing and driving the band forward. And never, ever stationary.

Amanda cites an impossibly broad range of influence that include the likes of Tina Turner, Anita O’Day, Stevie Wonder and Abba vocalist Agnetha Falltkog.

Deep Blue Sea-Amanda